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Article: Why it is better to Free Biafra- Obasanjo writes to share his views

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The whole world is now watching and listening closely to know the important plea for independence which is coming out of Western Africa. Nigeria has a population of roughly 180 million people with a balanced religious mix of roughly 49.3% Christian and 48.8% Muslim. We know most of the Christians live in southern Nigeria, a land previously controlled for over thousands of years by a people living in a land known as Biafra. Biafrans were a proud people. They were mostly Christian and a bastion of free-enterprise in Western Africa. With the formation of Nigeria in the breakup of Great Britain’s empire, Biafra lost its independence when it was unilaterally combined with the Muslim dominated north.

Today, the drive for a Muslim caliphate in Africa remains focused on three primary African states, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, where large populations of Christians remain. The all-out effort to destabilize the Christian power base has been carried out by Al-Shabaab in Kenya and Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

Boko Haram, an extremist Sunni Islamic fundamentalist sect strongly influenced by the Wahhabi movement, is committed to establish Nigeria as an Islamic State under Sharia Law. Their impact is strongest in the North. Seeking more grazing land for their herds, Fulani militants, linked to Boko Haram, have killed at least 20,000 people since 2009. The Fulani herdsmen have been moving south to areas dominated by Christians and non-religious farmers. They are well armed, and their coordinated attacks are increasing.

The atrocities against moderate Muslims and Christians are well documented but not widely covered in the Western press. Recently, angry Muslims youths in Kano decapitated a woman plastics trader alleging that she blasphemed the Prophet Muhammad. When the shop owner refused to allow a young man to wash his legs for the usual Muslim’s prayers in her shop because other customers were there, the young man shouted Allahu Akbar and lied to his friends that the owner had blasphemed. They dragged her away, beheaded her carried her head through the market and town center.

Many feel that now is the time for Biafra independence. The Biafran “George Washington,” Nnamdi Kanu, is out from jail from trumped up charges. Judges have refused to officially charge him. But fearing his leadership, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has decided to free him instead to know the fate of Biafrans. His long sustained incarceration has just fueled the flames for independence. The number of supporters of freedom for Biafra has quadrupled since Kanu’s imprisonment.  

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Recently, Niger Delta Avengers blew up vital Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation oil pipelines. A new militant group, Red Egbesu Water Lions, has joined them in demanding that Nnamdi Kanu be released. Unless the Buhari government releases Kanu and moves toward a referendum on independence for Biafra, militants promise to shut down oil and gas production in the region.

In the past, Shell and British Petroleum have formed lucrative agreements with the Northern Muslim politicians to control 80% of the Nigerian oil, primarily from wells in the south. Not only are resources from Biafra being sold and profits diverted, the lack of environmental controls have resulted in pollution—hurting farming and fishing in the south.

Freedom isn’t free, but nowhere in Africa is freedom more important than in Biafra. But what are the Western powers doing? Unfortunately, very little. Britain has called for the release of Nnamdi Kanu but said little about the freedom referendum he supports. While covering the atrocities of Boko Haram in the North, there is little or no coverage of the Islamic terrorists brutalizing the Biafran Christians in the South.

This is about more than stopping Islamic extremism in Nigeria. Supporting the freedom of Biafra establishes a beachhead for Christian capitalism in Africa that puts a stop to a vision of a united Muslim caliphate in all of Africa.

America received support from France in breaking free of England. It’s time for the UN and Western powers to do their part to free the people of Biafra while independence is still possible without expanded bloodshed.

Chief Olushegun Obasanjo

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  1. The Great chimpanzee of the zoo_the federation of Nigeria and the African continent have spoken! So he knows the truth and refused to speak out all this while? We will destroy this country with only the truth they are hiding and refuse to say it out! nkemiroegbu61@gmail.com

  2. It is very very sad and wickedness, and also unGodly that it is now that olushegun Obasanjo wants talk or comment on the freedom of Biafra , while he Obasanjo knows every beat , every story , every issues about freedom of Biafra and the entire land of Biafran land . It is very very unfair . God Almighty will only judge him Obasanjo with all his acts , behavior, wicked attitude to us people of Biafran republic .

  3. Yes, i support O.B.J

    • The lineage of breakeage is there already. Let Nigeria distengrate into three. Odudua republic for Yoruba’s, Biafra for igbos and Arewa for Hausa’s. Because we are not compatible in terms of social and norms, belief, culture, Hausa’s are power Morgas and religious intolerant. There is no need keeping us together. Let us separate and let each region use what it has to develop their country. Thanks.

  4. Brethren, it is true he condoled the truth before…but now let’s affirm his courage to have released the cat out of bag! This is the exact time that we mostly need “this truth” especially from him. God knows “everything” …when…and…how…we will be off like our fore fathers…the lsrealites.

  5. A Journey of one million miles starts with one step, I will use this opportunity to congratulate General Obasanjor for coming out with the truth, at this time of our Chequered history as a nation called Nigeria. His submission indicates that resrtucturing cannot solve the problem of Nigeria, but the divorce of Biafra from Nigeria starts the journey to a peaceful One “Yoruba/Hausa Fulani” Nigeria. Therefore, I will suggest to General Obasanjo to call his fellow cabals that has brought this mess to the Niger.ia Nation, to move a motion for a referandum for the independent of Soveriegn State Of Biafra immediately

  6. There is never a time d truth would be said that’s late. Thank u, ur excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, for this singular act of bravery of coming out now to say d bitter truth. For this singular act of true patriotism I must say, it’s never too late & u have shown a genuine remorse of whatever role u might have deemed to have played in holding d truth from coming out up until now. It’s not gainsaying that Britain has been hehind every form bloody atrocities that befall mankind, especially Judeo Christian faith all over world bcuz of their greed & deadly coveteousness,but for sure judgement is coming for them one day. The good Lord is knows d reason & mission why he created u & made u a Nigerian, from Biafran extraction will continue to grant u good health & long life until u fulfil d purpose for which u came to this part of d world and there is no doubt all that u ve just started one of d cardinal purpose and that is “coming out against all risks,to cause a glimse of light to this agelong dark secret & conspiracy of Britain & moslem hausa/fulani of northern Nigeria. God will continue to embolden & strengthen you in ur future endeavours concerning d freedom of God’s people, Biafra.

  7. In whatever circumstances, it’s better late than never. Thanks to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for speaking the truth now it matters most.

  8. To those of you who called Baba difrent names you should understand that this man is an elderly person and mostly respected in African .as far as Nigeria is concern today if nt number one and two he should be 3 when he was d president things was not like this igbo yoruba and hausa no trabalistic what so ever but now this shameless dying government must be blame I think d best let’s free this animals killing people everywhere and anyhow .thanks

  9. OBJ on point this time. Next please talk on Middle belt freedom too

  10. So Oga you knew these crazy plan all along and refused to act even when you where the C-in-C. It’s quite unfortunate that we have gotten to this stage. The South Easterners have been killed, maimed and lost so much in this unholy union. I was excited when the so called Arewa Youths coalition made their irresponsible resolution as a way forward in bringing this union to an end. I understand and I know you do too being one of the executors of the inhumane atrocities unleashed on the Biafrans after the war…. the thoughts of a man who won a fight…he sees his opponent as a mumu for the taking anytime he wants… but a new generation has come up, we have seen and felt what it’s like to be a second class citizen in a nation. The no victor, no vanquish and the RRR propaganda was what was used to confuse and convince the western world………

  11. Ppl r living with so much bitterness. Always ready to attack others. Ppl must find something wrong in other ppls post. Obj took a stand, ppl r raining abuses on him 4his post. Haba!!! If he decided to air his view on biafra now.. Is it a problem? At least he supports it. Isn’t that credible? Real men don’t just talk, they access, study, cook, chew, digest situations b4 comments r made and stands taken. This tym he chose to comment was d tym he deemed fit. Let’s remove all bitterness especially wen it comes to responding to posts. Everybody is entitled 2their opinion. Lets live in love cos Love conquers all

  12. Dr Herbert Onuoha

    There is one thing I like General Olusegun Obasanjo for, and that is his uncanny ability to know when the time is ripe to support a just cause. Obasanjo is in my personal opinion a very callous, wicked and vengeful man. He supports you only when he is sure majority are on your side, so he doesn’t fail. This way he appears to be on the right side of every issue.

    Remember​ how OBJ frustrated Buhari in all his attempts at becoming President. Elections were always rigged with Federal might. But when he saw the direction​ of events in 2015 Presidential election, he switched to Buhari and resigned from PDP on which platform he became President twice. That is how far OBJ can go when the tide changes. Like him or hate him, this has been the magic wand working for OBJ from the time he was a junior military Officer, until now.

    OBJ’s treatise on the need for Independent Biafra now is assure signal that Biafra is on it’s way to Independence, and OBJ is a strong factor to finalizing the process. Those who issued ultimatum for Igbos to leave Northern Nigeria have only fast forwarded Biafra Independence, but there should not any bad blood about this.

    After Independence, Biafra and Nigeria will remain good neighbors and citizens will abide by ECOWAS protocols.

    Thank you OBJ for being consistent.

  13. I thank God that someone like OBJ can now acknowledge the truth. I also thank OBJ for speaking out although very late. Our Great God is not sleeping. Even Bihari himself may still speak. The blood of the millions of innocent Igbo’s that carpeted the land of Nigeria can never dry. They will continue to cry for vengeance and justice. Nigeria will not know PEACE until the the hidden truths are revealed and respected. Jesus Christ is the TRUTH. He can never keep silence forever. We will continue to pray for freedom because the period of slavery is over and the Living GOD is ready to act. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.

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